SmartCone Overview

“Smart” Safety and Monitoring for a wide range of needs

The SmartCone Solution is made up of one or many SmartCones. Each SmartCone contains a high powered computing platform running SmartCone IoT FusionCore software and sensors. Customers can quickly change the sensor modules to modify or expand the SmartCone’s capabilities.


SmartCones can be static or mobile. A cone can be installed in a permanent location, and covered in different “skins” for the cone to blend in. A SmartCone can also be completely mobile — employees simply drop cones where they are needed and walk away.

Wide range of detection capabilities with sensor fusion

SmartCones rely on a wide range of sensors that can be setup to detect motion, vibration, sound, smells, gases, balance, temperature, radiation, electrical voltage, or almost any combination thereof.

Each SmartCone contains a power-efficient multi-core computing platform running SmartCone IoT FusionCore software. FusionCore uses a novel cognitive behavior fusion engine to process sensor data coming in through the individual cones. A series of complex algorithms collect, manipulate, and populate a “prior knowledge repository” with real-time findings from the sensor network. Each sensor type is configured and integrated into FusionCore.

Higher reliability with mesh network

The SmartCones form a mesh network, so that each cone can act as an independent router. The mesh network is self-healing and self-managed: if one cone breaks down or if a connection goes bad, the network can still operate.

The SmartCones automatically configure themselves according to the availability and proximity of bandwidth, storage, and so on. The network is more robust, thanks to dynamic connections between cones that enable packets to use multiple routes through the network.

If your site loses connectivity, the SmartCone solution continues to monitor sensor levels, and still issues necessary alerts locally for any thresholds that are crossed.

The SmartCone solution can also operate outside the power grid. Cones can be powered by battery and solar increasing overall system reliability.

The SmartCone IoT platform means you can build a high degree of redundancy into your safety and monitoring, simply by adding more cones as you require.

Cost-efficient connectivity through M2M/Fog computing

The SmartCone provides connectivity thanks to “fog” computing capabilities that streamline data for delivery. The IoT FusionCore processes sensor data, and delivers only metadata over a network — private cloud or internet — to a central location such as headquarters.

Advanced research capabilities – Purpose-built VMS

SmartCone’s embedded server provides a single secure web interface where users can search for sensor and video data based on alarm events. Employees can search using any combination of filters such as alarm type, sensor input, camera name, time, license plates, Wireless MAC Addresses, etc.

The SmartCone solution provides intelligent reporting. The SmartCone can build OLAP data cubes to increase data mining efficiency and reporting response times.

End users can access their data through a variety of ways: view or download from the web interface, transfer over Local Area Network, download on a USB device, or third party integration using the API.


Off-the-shelf components ensure the longevity of your solution, and make upgrades and maintenance more cost-efficient.

Quick Installation

The SmartCone Solution is a plug-and-play solution that takes, on average, less than one day to install.

Customized to your needs

All SmartCone Technologies solutions are customized to your needs. We provide the integrations so you don’t have to worry about making all the devices, software, and databases work together.

Robust protection from intrusions and attacks

The SmartCone Solution maintains high standards to ensure the security of your solution.

  • Industry-standard AES-256 TLS encryption with 2048-bit RSA keys on all cones. Any data that is transferred off the system is encrypted. Options for other types of encryption are available.
  • The entire cone,including all IoT sensors, are protected by a firewall. All unnecesary firewall ports are always closed off.
  • Factory default usernames and passwords are never used.
  • All stored passwords are hashed.
  • We perform continuous security and performance patches.
  • Disk encryption and remote wiping capabilities provided if required.
  • Proximity sensors can be setup to detect intrusion.

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