SmartCone cited at a significant player in the global IoT industry


SmartCone Technologies manufactures the most flexible and deployable IoT Platform in the world. Our partnership with IBM Watson IoT has put us on the global stage. We have been cited in the IoT report written by “IoT technology is empowering public safety agencies and government sector to proactively safeguard citizens in case of emergencies, by leveraging smart devices and platforms deployed for public safety and security, says Garima Sharma and Shekhar Waje, Analysts from MarketsandMarkets ™.” says Shekhar Waje, Research Analyst for MarketsandMarkets Research Pvt. Ltd.
You can access the report here: MarketsandMarkets IoT Report

SmartCone Bike Lane @ 2018 OCE Discovery


SmartCone Technologies displayed an active bike lane safety system at the 2018 OCE Discovery event. The system demonstrated the ability for multiple SmartCone devices and sensors to work together to provide pedestrian and bike safety.

SmartCone Makes History in North Dakota


SmartCone successfully altered pedestrians to the presence of an autonomous bus. In cooperation with North Dakota DoT and Salander Technology Services SmartCone Technologies used TheSmartCone to detect an incoming autonomous but and pedestrians at the same time using cameras, LiDAR and Infrared Senors. Once the vehicle was detected, the lights on TheSmartCone flashed, an audio message was played and a message was posted on a traffic sign letting the pedestrians know the bus was coming. This was a significant step forward in providing safety for pedestrians around autonomous vehicles.

TESC 2017 - SmartCone Technologies and IBM Watson IoT at conference hosted by Penn State


SmartCone Technologies will be exhibiting at the Transportation and Engineering Conference at Penn State University in State College, PA. CEO Jason Lee and IBM Business Unit Executive Jodie Fisher will be showing the SmartCone Early Warning Signaling System for Work Zone Safety. Transportation experts from around the world will be in attendance, to share and exchange ideas on safety, operations, planning, design and technology in transportation.
Date: Dec. 6 to 8, 2017
Location: Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, State College, PA
More information on the conference here.

Press Release: SmartCone Technologies and IBM Enter Joint Initiative Agreement for IoT-based Safety Solutions


IBM Watson IoT and SmartCone Technologies Combine Forces for Advanced Smart City Technology and Safer Workplaces
Ottawa, Canada, November 14, 2017 – SmartCone Technologies today announced that it has signed a Joint Initiative Agreement (JIA) with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to advance the delivery of new products and services for safety.
SmartCone Technologies develops disruptive, Internet of Things (IoT)-based solutions for safety applications, such as Work Zone Safety, Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety, and Fleet Management and Security. Smart Cities, state governments, and companies looking to improve their safety in cost-efficient and responsive ways will benefit tremendously from the team effort from IBM Watson IoT and SmartCone Technologies, which allows both companies to cultivate and expand their respective strengths in the marketplace.
“We are very excited about this opportunity to work with IBM Watson IoT,” says Jason Lee, CEO of SmartCone Technologies. “We’re looking forward to demonstrating the power and flexibility of the SmartCone platform to support safer workplaces and safer cities.”
SmartCone Technologies will be integrating with the IBM Watson IoT platform, developing detection and alert systems that not only are fit to purpose but also easily scalable. The IoT platform allows for this unprecedented combination, especially for new wearable alert mechanisms such as vibrating bracelets on workers in the field or event-triggered flashing LED lights on a safety cone or post.
“IBM Watson IoT choose to work with SmartCone Technologies for their leading innovation of TheSmartCone and the wide variety of uses as a mobile gateway, camera, and warning system,” says Jodie Fisher, Watson IoT Business Unit Executive, “We’re thrilled to integrate TheSmartCone into our Watson IoT Safer Cities and Workforce solutions."
The latest research from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration shows that on average, 70 work zone crashes resulting in at least one injury take place every day. This number has been rising steadily since 2013. The IBM Safer Workplace SmartCone placed in a strategic location before the construction site has been shown to slow traffic, and gain drivers’ attention. TheSmartCone detects a potential threat and alerts workers by triggering wearable mechanisms such as bracelets or vests, giving them crucial seconds to get out of harm’s way.
“This Joint Initiative Agreement allows us to show off the full potential of this exciting new technology,” says Lee. “As drivers and pedestrians become increasingly distracted, we will need more rapid-response and quickly deployable solutions to mitigate the rising hazards. We look forward to more and better safety around cities and highways, especially for high-risk areas such as road construction sites and city intersections.”
See the press release here.

SmartCone Technologies Exhibiting with IBM at ITS World Congress - Montreal


SmartCone Technologies will be exhibiting along with IBM at ITS World Congress – Booth #2337. The SmartCone Technologies/IBM booth will have a simulated road construction site/accident zone set up to demonstrate the SmartCone Work Zone Safety Solution.
Date: October 29 to November 2, 2017
Location: Palais des congrès, Montreal, QC Canada
Booth: #2337
More information on the conference is available here .

New video shows off SmartCone Bike/Ped Safety Solution


The Ottawa Police issued a new video showing the SmartCone Bike/Ped Safety Solution in action. You can see it on YouTube here.

National news coverage for the new SmartCone Bike/Ped Safety Solution


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reports on the new Bike/Ped Safety Solution installation on O’Connor Street in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Go here to read the article.

IBM-SmartCone Demonstration at the Diabetes TourDeCure - Washington, DC


SmartCone Technologies in partnership with IBM and the Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) will be showcasing its Bike/Ped Safety Solution at Washington Monument Grounds on September 23, 2017. A demo project will be on display as part of a pilot project in collaboration with IBM and the City of Washington, DC. The SmartCone Bike/Ped Safety Solution will monitor bicycle and pedestrian traffic, and demonstrate its alerting capabilities. More information on the TourDeCure here.

SmartCone Technologies Joins the SmartCities FamTour in Washington, DC


CEO Jason Lee will be at the SmartCities FamTour from September 11 to 13, to connect with other industry leaders in Smart Cities initiatives and talk about the role IoT-based SmartCone Solutions can play in the connected Smart City. For more information about this event, see here.

SmartCone Technologies one of 14 companies selected for Exelon Innovation Expo


SmartCone Technologies was one of 14 chosen from 500 applicants for the 2017 Exelon Innovation Expo at ​the Ronald Regan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC on June 27, 2017. Jason Lee, CEO and Frank Thiel, President SmartCone USA will be showcasing the Work Area Protection Solution, which provides IoT technology for securing dangerous areas such as downed power lines or remote power stations. More information and a recording of the event here.

SmartCone Technologies wins TIEcon Canada 2016 Pitch Fest


On November 4, 2016, SmartCone Technologies took home the top prize at TIEcon Canada’s Disruptive Entrepreneurship 2016 Pitch Fest. A panel of judges selected SmartCone Technologies from a number of Ottawa-based start-ups. The honor brings $25,000 in cash investment and up to $100,000 of in-kind professional and entrepreneurial services from leading companies and organizations. More information here.

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